Offering purchase, hire, servicing, and accessories

Instrument Purchase Options

We offer quality student instruments for violin, viola, and cello. As all instruments are organised through us, there is no need for schools to purchase and track any instruments or accessories.

Purchase Program

Entering into our purchase program is our most popular and long-term cost effective option. All instruments come as a pack, including all the necessary accessories to get started.

Hire Program

Purchasing an instrument does not suit all circumstances. The instruments within the hire program are of the same high quality that we offer for purchase.

Second Hand Instruments

From time to time, we will advertise second hand instruments and accessories on our website.

Online Store!

Our online store has all the parts and accessories you will require for your instrument, including: strings, bows, music stands, rosin, metronomes, and much more! As always, if you are enrolled within one of our programs, we can arrange free delivery to your lesson.

Instrument Workshop!

As with any instrument, string instruments will require maintenance, and repair from those little mishaps. We recommend getting your instrument serviced every 12 months. Within a typical service, your instrument will: be polished, be re-glued (if required), have the sound post adjusted, undergo peg maintenance, and have the strings replaced. We also offer repairs to your instrument to any unexpected damage. Want to book your instrument into the workshop? Simply call or email us and we will take care of pickup and delivery from and to your school.