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An overview of how our program is structured.


All tutorials provided by Bright Stars Music are on a one-on-one basis between a tutor and student. Beginner students will be allocated a 30 minute tutorial time subject to school’s availability of rooms, days, and times. As a student progresses to a higher standard, longer lessons will be discussed with parents/carers to ensure each student is reaching their full potential.

Within a tutorial, students can expect to start with technical exercises, work on individual repertoire, as well as playing through difficult passages within their ensemble pieces. Whilst your tutor may not be the ensemble conductor at your school, each school’s ensemble conductor is in regular two-way communication with our tutors. This ensures that we are proactive in identifying any student that may be over/underwhelmed within their ensemble.

Experience tells us that the input our parents and carers give to tutors is invaluable. We welcome and encourage our parents and carers to become involved with their child’s progression by communicating with your tutor. Advising your tutor of any issues with home practice or motivation will assist your tutor in choosing repertoire, exercises, and appropriate goals to assist in each student’s commitment to their instrument.


Our ensemble rehearsals provide a fun and energetic atmosphere for students to learn a skill set that cannot be attained within private tutorials. The repertoire for ensemble is easier than the repertoire students will play within their lesson. This allows for every student, no matter their level of playing, to participate with full involvement. Depending on the size and age of the school’s program, there will normally be 2-3 ensembles within the school, i.e., training strings, intermediate strings, and chamber strings.

We always ensure that each student is challenged within their ensemble, and comfortable with their level of playing to ensure the repertoire suits their current skill set. A student is never ‘locked-in’ within an ensemble. Should a student’s ability progress, or should they feel overwhelmed, we will always move a student to an ensemble where they feel comfortable.

Repertoire choices are mixed between staple classical pieces and contemporary movie themes, pop songs, school song/s, and the national anthem.


Performance culminates the work of our students within their tutorials and ensemble rehearsals, as well as the home practice they complete. Every tutorial and ensemble rehearsal must have a common goal that both the student and tutor are aiming for.

Performance breaks into two different parts: 1) Individual performance, and 2) ensemble performance.

1) We understand that not every student will want to perform a solo. Our tutors consider each student on a case by case basis to ensure that clear goals are set. Individual performance opportunities can include: external Australian Music Examination Board exams (A.M.E.B.), solo school performances, eisteddfods, and classroom performances. It is important for everyone of our students and tutors to share a common goal to assist with practice and motivation.

2) Ensemble performance is a very exciting time and opportunity for the students to work as a team. Ensembles form a part of the school’s community, performing at school assemblies, presentation days, formal functions, as well as other opportunities that the school requests. Performances are booked between the school and the Bright Stars Music office to ensure the conductor is available to organise the ensemble at the performance event.

Need extra support between lessons? Join your online classroom!

An entire week between lessons can seem like a long time, especially when starting out. All of our students are strongly encouraged to join their school’s ‘Bright Stars Online’ virtual classroom that is administered by each ensemble conductor. Here, questions can be asked about violin, viola, or cello practice, as well as finding valuable video tutorials, recordings, goals, and weekly pointers. Simply login through our website and start interacting (login details are provided after enrolment).

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Purchasing an instrument does not suit all circumstances. The instruments within the hire program are of the same high quality that we offer for purchase.

Second Hand Instruments

From time to time, we will advertise second hand instruments and accessories on our website.

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