About us

What we do and why we do it.


What we do

The team at Bright Stars Music work with parents and schools to create a welcoming, friendly, and fun environment for students to learn the violin, viola, or cello. The program that we provide allows the opportunity for students to gain experience on their chosen instrument in both one-on-one lessons and within a group ensemble setting.

Why we do it

Not all schools have the resources, time, and specialist knowledge that is required to establish a music program. Working with schools, we create the opportunity for students to feel and experience something they cannot imagine or carryout within their everyday classroom; specialised music performance within an ensemble.

A message from the Director


"Growing up, I always loved my music. I was constantly exposed to a great variety of genres, from Supertramp, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Divinyls, and Eurthymics (the list goes on), to film music, Beethoven Symphonies, chamber music, and choral music. Music was always playing in the house and car, whether it was a cassette tape, CD, or vinyl.

Starting primary school, I was 'gently instructed' that I must learn an instrument; I chose the piano. I must confess, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed playing the piano (and still do), it was not the most social instrument to partake in. I wanted to play with others, I wanted to be surrounded by live music, and I wanted to be creating it. Then came along a school christmas pageant. I was offered the opportunity to play my small humble keyboard with several musician parents. At the pageant, one of the parents was a violinist in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra; I was transfixed by the beautiful sounds and sight of the instrument being played- this changed it all!

From here, I of course wanted to learn the violin. My violin obsession was so great that I would take note of any string instruments in all pieces of music. I went on to learn the violin, playing in a youth orchestra and performing with fellow students, before finishing school and studying a violin and viola performance degree at the University of New South Wales. I look back now and cherish the moments I had with music as a child. Truth is, I don’t know how well (or terrible) I played the pieces in the beginning, I don’t remember the specifics of instruction I was given for each piece, but I do remember one thing vividly… how great music made me feel!

Now as a teacher, conductor, and the Director of Bright Stars Music, my philosophy towards music education has always been based on how we make our students feel. Everyday that I have taught violin, viola, and piano for well over a decade, I think of that parent playing the violin, the impact she has had on my life, and the responsibility our tutors have in creating a lasting impact on today’s students".

Dean Kennedy

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